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When we receive a Request for Proposals (RFP), we will provide you with a Tender Document containing detailed information regarding the design, functionality, the time frame and price breakdown. This ensures you can base your decision on a clear picture of the entire project and the end product. To help us provide you with a clear, tailored Tender Document please consider the following points

What Is Your Objective?

Consider what you would like your site to achieve, the functionality of it and the purpose your website is to fulfil. Investigating other websites in the same field can give you some helpful guidance.

Be Clear

Outline your requirement as best as possible. Providing a sample website address with similar functionality or a clear description of the business helps us provide you with a better Tender Document on which you can build.

The Design

If you have a creative design in mind, please share this with us so we can interpret this into our proposal. Pictures and logo's are a good source of inspiration for our designers and help us capture the look you seek to achieve.

Engage The Right People

If key decisions regarding the website require approval by someone else, ensure that they are adequately informed of the project and have a certain degree of time available to be involved. This makes the entire process more efficient and prevents surprises at a later stage.

Reason For RFP?

Please inform us of the reason you would like a Tender Document from us. Informing us may help us decide whether or not to pursue the opportunity and save everyone time and effort. Are you looking:

  1. For a short/ long term partner for a project?
  2. To conduct an agency review of your web provider every few years?
  3. For a fast quote to assess your options?

Don't Be Afraid To Provide Your Budget

There is an understandable perception that if you reveal your budget, you may not receive a competitive cost price. We always aim to be competitive and providing us with your budget or a price range helps us (A) assess whether the budget is in line with the scope of the work involved and the possibilities available to you or (B) work with you to tailor a design based on your available budget.