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It is advantageous for your website to be accessible to the widest audience possible. At the Web Page Design Company we design your website such that all information and services delivered through your website are available to all, thereby complying with international web standards and the required levels of Accessibility.

Why Is Web Accessibility Important?

  1. Reach a larger audience

    - Research show that circa 15% of the population has a physical or technological form of disability
  2. Better search engine results

    - Accessible content improves a search engines ability to locate you
  3. Browser Friendliness

    - Can more easily be transferred to mobile phone and other platforms
  4. Social Responsibility

    - Allowing everyone to view a website regardless of ability, location, age or technology
  5. Government Requirement

    - Irish government websites must conform to at least an Accessibility ranking of AA

Our approach to meeting the desired level of web accessibility is to consult with our clients and to set defined accessibility objectives. If you have any questions about web accessibility regarding an existing or a new website then please Contact Us and we will be delighted to help you.