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Website performance tracking through analytics is like a health check for your website. It is the assessment of key factors which determine the success of your site, focusing on online traffic, conversion rate, user experience and usability. Essentially, it is a measure of how well your site is engaging your audience.

Obtain Answers to Key Questions

  1. Which sections of my site work well and which don't?
  2. Through which pages do my visitors enter or exit the site?
  3. How long do visitors remain on each page or my site?
  4. How many people view my website daily, weekly, monthly?
  5. Where does my traffic or originate from?

We us various available log files using numerous web traffic tools such as Google Analytics, Sitemeter and WebTrends to give you the answers to these and other questions. Our evaluation reports contain important metrics such as:

  1. Average visit duration
  2. Average visit per day
  3. Top 5 most viewed pages
  4. Top 5 least viewed pages
  5. Location of Visitors
  6. Visits - new & returning
  7. Entry Pages
  8. Exit Page
  9. Referring traffic
  10. Search Engine Tags

The Report

The outcome of our analysis will provide the answers to how your site is performing and how it can be further developed in a manner to get the results you want. Our evaluation report will present quantifiable data with explanations and recommendations on which you can base strategic decisions. We can provide you with this service either prior to re-designing your site, on a monthly basis so you can manage your own site, or as an occasional health check. Please Contact Us to find out what we can do for you.

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